The Arkansas History Commission (heretofore known as AHC) reserves the right to delete any abusive, vulgar or offensive comments.

The AHC will delete spam or any posted advertising or promotion of services.

Employees will refrain from posting anything political or religious that could be viewed as biased.

Posts made by AHC employees on social media sites should directly reflect the AHC’s mission statement and/or represent Arkansas history.

AHC employees will not post confidential agency information on social media sites.

Any comments posted on AHC’s social media sites do not reflect the views of the AHC.

Social media sites will be regularly moderated and maintained and will not remain static.

All use of social media should be compliant with local, state and federal laws.

All social media correspondence and communication should remain professional in nature.

Usernames and passwords should be agency related and not directly connected to one employee.  If the moderator of social media sites leaves AHC, passwords must be changed.  

Social media moderators should be familiar with terms of service for each social media site.

Messages received through private messaging on social media sites will be considered a version of email and therefore will be considered work product.

The sharing of co-workers’ personal information via social media sites is prohibited (no personal phone numbers/contact information, no medical information, etc.).

Social media will be managed by select AHC employees and will not be open to management by the entire staff.

The AHC asks that employees refrain from posting negative or defamatory posts about the AHC on their personal accounts (especially during work hours).  The AHC asks that employees use common sense when communicating on personal social media accounts and to remember that as employees, they publically represent the AHC even outside of work hours. 

In accordance with state law, AHC employees will not be required to submit usernames and passwords to personal accounts, will not be pressured to “friend” co-workers through social media sites and will not be asked to change the privacy settings on personal social media accounts.  

Images from the AHC collection posted on social networks sites will have AHC watermarks and will have corresponding accession/cataloging numbers added in the post.  

Social media sites are considered supplemental to traditional marketing and advertising and will be used to engage an outside audience and to promote the AHC.

The AHC’s social media policy will be publically posted on its website and on social media sites.

Employees will use good judgment when posting.  Language based on old racial stereotypes and topics that are politically sensitive are prohibited.